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Bristows of Devon

The artisan confectioner, Bristows of Devon is brought together with Tilleys Sweets as the Great British Confectionery Group, and provides quality, consistency and efficiency to nurture its network of suppliers.  The company produces a wide range of confectionery, from the traditional to the innovative, using only the finest ingredients.

Bristows of Devon has a long history of making confectionery in the town of Crediton in Devon, with its origins extending as far back as 1870’s. As well as producing products under its own brands, the company makes own-label products for the retail and wholesale market in the UK and internationally. The company makes cut and wrapped toffee, fudge and bonbons, including dual coloured bonbons and toffee centred bonbons.

Tilley’s Sweets occupies a site in Thrapston, near Kettering to make hard boilings and lollipops using recipes that have been handed down through the generations. Its confectionery is handmade and the methods have barely changed in the last 100 years. The companies produce a wide range of traditional British sweets such as chocolate limes, sherbet lemons, mint humbugs and pear drops for many leading retailers and the confectionery market both in the UK and worldwide.

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