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About Camelot Group Limited

We're a games business that’s fast, innovative and fun.

To get where we’re headed tomorrow, we need to do the right things today. Our Vision helps us centre our efforts around an ambitious but achievable goal: to run the world’s favourite national lottery. And we’ll do it by celebrating what we’ve been for more than two decades now and aspiring to be a games business that’s fast, innovative and fun.

That means getting serious about play and making work fun. Because we know the best way to deliver games customers love to play is by creating a place people love to work. Teaming up and making more of the nation’s favourite games. Because it’s only by bringing our diverse perspectives, skills and ideas together that we’ll continue to innovate our games portfolio and entice new customers to play ¬– in shops, online and on-the-go.

We're growing to change even more lives.

Our Ambition and strategy for long-term, responsible growth has seen total National Lottery sales grow by over 52% in the last decade. And this continued strong commercial focus is not at the expense of our Mission to change lives; it’s the engine of it. Enabling us to give £34m a week to good causes an increase of a remarkable £167m per year. And we want to keep growing.

That’s our bright future. But we won’t reach it by standing still. We need to keep moving forward as a business and growing as a team. Developing stronger player relationships by better understanding their needs; innovating in the games we offer and how people can play them; and telling the story of an iconic brand that marries playfulness with purpose. Where are we headed? It’s simple. To a future where we’ve grown together to change even more lives.

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