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Isle of Man Meats

The Isle of Man Meat Company Ltd. operates as an ‘arms-length’ company from the Department of Environment, Food & Agriculture to procure and process livestock to facilitate a vibrant agricultural industry and support the local food market and contribute towards food security for the Island. 

The company was formed in 2018 and has 2 shareholders; the Department of Environment, Food & Agriculture (DEFA) and the Fatstock Marketing Association (FMA). Following four years since its formation, consideration is being given to its future operating model and the long term direction of the business.

It is an exciting but challenging time to be part of the Board of Isle of Man Meats Ltd., with a wholescale organisational change programme underway.  The transformation work is driving improved performance in production, sales and relationship management, with an outcome to reduce the level of financial subvention provided by the Department.

The Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture are the major shareholder in the company, a model that was established to allow for a focus on commerciality whilst recognising the importance of the processing function for the agricultural sector on the Island. 

As a shareholder of the business, the Department of Environment, Food & Agriculture are seeking to appoint non-executive directors who can help to drive the business to the next level and provide a reliable interface with the Department so that the balance between food security and commerciality can be managed.



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