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How your Facebook can lose you the job - The do's and don'ts of social Media

Written by: CSG
Published on: 19 Sep 2018

The last few decades have seen a fundamental shift towards all things digital.

The job-hunting process fairs no different and, for the most part, the web has been nothing but positive; job boards are more accessible, searching processes are faster, and hiring is cheaper.

The drawback? The internet has created the perfect platform for clients to have a nosey at who and what they’re investing in. Yep you’ve got it, we’re talking about social media.

Professional brand extends far beyond a CV – and even a LinkedIn profile for that matter. In a recent survey by CareerBuilder, 70% of employers confessed to using social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to vet candidates before hiring. What’s more, 54% of those employers did not make a hire as a result of incriminating content seen on their pages.

Caught your attention?

It’s time to get up to speed with your personal branding.

Presenting Yourself On Social Media: The Basics

First impressions no longer start with a handshake. More likely than not, the first view that a hiring manager has of you is of your online profile; you need to make sure that your digital profile represents you in a professional light.

  1. That starts with a spring clean. Those photos of you underage drinking on Facebook? Time to get rid! The same goes for any outdated statuses or shares from way back that don’t best reflect you anymore.
  1. Make sure your privacy settings are up to date and block anyone who isn’t your ‘friend’ from viewing your content. This isn’t just for employers, but a standard measure to keep yourself web safe.
  1. LinkedIn is a great tool for showcasing your knowledge and for networking. We’ll explain this in more detail further on but in short, try to start using it as frequently as your other social platforms. Regular activity on this one is a big positive for future employers!

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LinkedIn: Define Yourself As An Expert

LinkedIn is the biggest professional social media platform, shared by experts in all industries. LinkedIn gives you the tools to showcase yourself as one too:

  1. Publishing original content is a great way of promoting yourself as an expert in your field, something that hiring managers and recruiters are looking for. Just make sure to maintain a professional tone throughout.
  1. LinkedIn works as an effective networking tool; by joining groups, getting involved in debates, connecting with others or even just commenting on a post, you can grow your network within an industry, communicating with and learning from major players.
  1. Engaging with industry leaders on LinkedIn and contributing to relevant discussions – especially within specific industry groups – will help to boost your profile and build your online presence.

Things To Avoid

Whilst social media can be hugely advantageous, one wrong move on there could cost you the job offer. It’s important you know as much about not-what to do, as to do.

  1. Complaining about your current workplace is a huge no-no. Not only do you come across as unlikeable, but it also implies that you cannot be trusted.
  1. Spelling and grammar errors – on LinkedIn especially – can mean an instant no from a hiring manager. They want evidence of how strong your written skills are, your proofreading abilities and your precision – all of which a simple misspelling goes against. Make sure to go through your profile with a fine-tooth comb and thoroughly proofread all of the content you post.
  1. It seems obvious, but offensive content – whether that be a controversial status or the sharing of a rude video –will mean a snap judgement about you as a person and rejections across the board.
  1. An inactive account does nothing for your personal brand. You need to look engaged with your sector, knowledgeable about - and experienced in - your field. A LinkedIn that isn’t complete and isn’t being used may as well not be there.

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By following our social media checklist and avoiding the common pitfalls, you increase your chances of making new, valuable industry connections and finding new career opportunities.

Social media is being utilised by more and more job seekers every day; effectively marketing yourself can significantly distinguish you from your competitors and help you find - and land - your dream job.


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