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10 grocery leaders share their best careers advice

Published on: 12 Dec 2017

Over the years, The Grocer has interviewed the most powerful and influential people in grocery at the peak of their careers. Here are 10 pieces of advice that helped these leaders reach the top of their game. Click or tap on each name to read the full interview.


Matthew Barnes

“Remain true to yourself, work very, very hard for what you believe in and, if you listen to your heart and not too many other opinions, and follow what you believe in, then success is possible.”

Matthew Barnes, CEO, Aldi UK


mark price

“If you want short-term success you can drive it through fear. But I don’t think short-termism is good for business.”

Mark Price, former Waitrose MD



Andrew Selley Bidvest 3663

“Always tell the truth, even when it hurts.”

Andrew Selley, CEO, Bidfood UK


Tim Mason

“Don’t worry about the next job, do the job you’ve got to the best of your ability and other people will worry about what your next job will be.”

Tim Mason, CEO, Eagle Eye


Rob Amar

“Start with why. It’s all about explaining to people why you or they are doing something, not just what and how, and that’s the way to properly engage with people.”

Rob Amar, MD, RH Amar


james lousada conviviality

“Surround yourself with brilliant people and listen.”

James Lousada, MD, Conviviality Trading


Jason Tarry

“Be yourself, seize the moment and no regrets.” 

Jason Tarry, chief product officer, Tesco


Ken McMeikan

“Treat every customer as if they were your only one.” 

Ken McMeikan, CEO, Brakes


Jonathan Warburton

“Surround yourself with the very best people – just don’t necessarily tell them.”

Jonathan Warburton, chairman, Warburtons


Darren Blackhurst

“Keep your feet firmly on the ground”

Darren Blackhurst, group commercial director, Morrisons